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What is the maximum size and weight of carry-on luggage on an airplane?

How nice you are going on vacation, but will your bag fit in the carry-on luggage? Your bag has to fit on the plane. This is where New Rebels can help you. The dimensions of your New Rebels bag are listed in the product specifications. We have made a small overview of the carry-on luggage maximum dimensions of the major airlines.

Please note that these dimensions change regularly, always check the website of your airline before departure.


Max dimensions

Max weight


55x40x20 cm



55x40x25 cm



45x36x20 cm



55x38x20 cm



55x35x25 cm



55x40x23 cm


Qatar airlines

50x37x25 cm


Ryan air

40x20x25 cm



55x35x25 cm



55x40x20 cm


Turkish airlines

55x40x23 cm



56x35x23 cm


Information: December 2023 2022.

Hand luggage is an essential part of travelling. It is the small piece of luggage you take on board the plane that fits in the cabin. It is convenient because you have easy access to your personal belongings during the flight, such as travel documents, wallet, mobile phone, books, magazines, snacks and medicines. Moreover, it is convenient to have essential items at hand in case of delays or baggage loss.

Most airlines have specific rules and restrictions for hand luggage. It is important to understand and follow these rules to avoid unnecessary problems when boarding. For instance, many airlines have maximum dimensions and weights for hand luggage, and you are not allowed to carry more than one piece of hand luggage. It is therefore wise to check your airline's rules in advance to avoid being surprised by unexpected charges during check-in or having to leave items behind.

A good hand luggage case or bag can help you pack and organise your belongings. There are different types of hand luggage suitcases, ranging from hard cases to soft bags. Suitcases with four wheels are easier to manoeuvre and can be towed, while bags with two wheels are generally lighter and offer more flexibility when storing in the overhead compartments of the plane.

When it comes to the contents of your hand luggage, there are some things to consider. Liquids, such as drinks and perfumes, are usually limited to a maximum of 100 ml per item and should be placed in clear, re-sealable plastic bags. Electronics, such as laptops and cameras, should be easily accessible as they have to be checked separately at security at some airports.

Finally, it is important to remember that your hand luggage must comply with airline safety regulations and be safe not only for you, but also for other passengers and cabin crew. Avoid carrying dangerous or prohibited items, such as firearms, explosives, sharp objects and liquids that are not allowed.

In short, hand luggage is an important part of travel. Knowing your airline's rules, choosing an appropriate carry-on suitcase or bag, and carefully considering the contents of your hand luggage will make travelling easier and more efficient.


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